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Foot health is crucial for the support and balance system of our body. It is under serious load when we perform physical activities. By maintaining foot health, you can increase your quality of life. Ensuring that your feet are functioning comfortably and correctly can help prevent health problems such as back pain.

Foot and ankle diseases can be complex and varied, and while there is a vast amount of knowledge available, there are still areas that remain less understood. It’s crucial to consult with healthcare professionals when experiencing foot and/or ankle problems to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment.

Alterations in your feet might signal various health conditions within your body. Timely identification is key, particularly for injuries involving the foot, ankle, or soft tissues. Symptoms such as swelling, pain, or functional impairment should not be overlooked.

Non-surgical alternatives for many foot and ankle conditions include orthotic devices, physical therapy, medications for pain and inflammation, injections, lifestyle changes like weight management, and specific exercises. In advance cases your doctor may recommend regenerative therapy solutions (i.e. orthobiologics, PRP, mesenchymal cell therapy). Another important part for conservative treatment is custom made orthotics insoles, which we manufacture in-house. The best approach depends on the specific condition and its severity.

The most common foot and ankle surgeries include bunionectomy (removal of a bunion), hammertoe correction, Achilles tendon repair, ankle arthroscopy, ankle replacement, ankle fusion, and surgery for fractures of the foot or ankle.

Recovery time after foot and ankle surgery varies widely depending on the type of procedure and the individual’s health status. Generally, it can range from a few weeks for minor procedures to several months for more complex surgeries. Your surgeon will give you a more specific timeline based on your particular situation.

You can expect some level of pain and discomfort following foot or ankle surgery, especially in the initial days. Pain can be managed effectively with medications and methods such as ice application and elevation of the foot. Your healthcare team will provide a detailed plan to help manage post-operative pain.

The ability to walk post-surgery depends on the type of surgery performed and individual healing progress. Some procedures may require non-weight bearing for several weeks, using crutches or a knee scooter, while others may allow for immediate weight bearing. Always follow your surgeon’s instructions to ensure proper healing.

Physical therapy is often recommended after foot and ankle surgeries to regain strength, mobility, and functionality. The extent and duration of therapy will depend on the type of surgery and your individual progress.

As with any surgical procedure, foot and ankle surgeries come with potential risks, including infection, nerve damage, blood clots, difficulties with wound healing, and risks associated with anesthesia. Your surgeon will discuss these potential risks with you prior to surgery.

Post-surgery, you may need to wear a special surgical shoe or boot to protect your foot and provide stability. Once healing has progressed, supportive, comfortable shoes are generally recommended. In some cases, custom orthotics may be suggested. Our team will guide you in selecting appropriate orthopedic aids and shoes to cover all your feet’s specific needs, ensuring proper support and alignment during the healing process.

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